Monday, January 15, 2007

Original idea

My original idea is to collect here the best practices I have collected trough the years. Currently I have them unorganized as books, book summaries, articles, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Here are some topics that I plan to cover. At the end I will see if these are the topics or if this blog will draw some attention and I will change some of the topics.
  1. Project management
  2. Group work facilitation
  3. Self management
  4. Cultural awareness
  5. Leadership
  6. Mentoring
  7. Creative thinking
  8. Strategic thinking
  9. Innovation management
  10. Knowledge management
  11. Change management
  12. Process management
  13. Portfolio management
  14. Sales management
  15. Key account management
  16. Marketing management
  17. Performance measurement

I have found these topics important in my work. I have a lot of material on them since I have been running projects on them and lecturing about them or they are simply part of my current job as a regional sales manager.

In addition to this blog, I should at the end have 5 pages of text and examples of every tool and enough material for 1-2 hours training and 2-3 hours workshop on each topic.

I will start from Project management, since the very first thing I need to do is to fill in my first tool: 1 page project plan. And then follow it. If I will draft one best practice a week, I should have them all blogged before summer of 2007. But then I only have a draft for which I ask comments from my friends and colleagues - and from anybody interested, since this is a public blog! I plan to have the whole toolbox ready by summer of 2008 with the help of your comments.

What do you think?