Monday, March 30, 2009

Advice to a Leader

Originally this was Advice to a King on the book Zen Lessons: The Art of Leadership. The same advice is true for every leader.

”In your daily activities,

vigorously carry out whatever is right
and put a firm stop to whatever is wrong.

You should not change your will on account of difficulty or ease. If because of today's difficulty you shake your head and pay no heed, how can you know that another day it will not be as hard as today?”

This is true for or the hard decisions - dealing with difficult people, dealing with diffidult customers, informing about mistakes, or on personal level dealing with your own bad habits. Delaying difficult decisions normally does not make them any easier.

If more leaders would consentrate on doing the right thing, would we even need Corporate Social Responsibility, Transparency International, SEC, etc.? Shouldn't that all come naturally?


Anonymous said...

Dear Samuli,

You said the "right thing". Here is another additional piece of advice (see the below link). Trust is everything in business and if you can get employees to whom you can trust, things will start to roll. However, you have to first make your employees feel that you trust them; then also they will do the right things - whatever they are.


Samuli said...

Thank you again for another good comment Daddy,

I recently had a fortune cookie which said

It takes years to build up trust,
and only seconds to destroy it.

Trust will not be destroyed if you can trust your employees to do the right thing, they can trust you to do the right thing, and both of you can trust your leaders and your company to do the right thing.