Friday, August 28, 2009

5S and 7 wastes

I have been thinking about Lean lately, and run across some great (and basic) stuff by Gemba Academy. I'll let them do the talking:

(notice how they are influenced by one of my favorite books Presentation Zen, and how the show it on their otherwise messy bookself!)

(Notice how the bookshelf has transformed!)

Gemba also gives you ideas how to apply 5S in an office, and what the 7 wastes look like in the office environment. It all starts with building the foundation on 5S - if you do (continuously) not pay attention to sorting and being organized, how can you expect Kanban, one piece flow or other principles to work?


Ngo said...


I like this post very much. It help me to solve some my work under my director’s requirements.

Apart from that, below article also is the same meaning

5S office

Tks again and nice keep posting

Otto said...

7 deadly wastes?

There is too many things wrong in this presentation. Factually as well as fundamental conception. The presentation style is wonderful. It is simple, clear and attractive.

Mediocre advice in a fancy package.