Saturday, January 31, 2009

Customer Satisfaction

This week I have been thinking of Customer Satisfaction. Thursday I was reading John Spence's blog. He talks about customer satisfaction as the single most important indicator of business success. He also talks about Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is measuring customer satisfaction by one simple question:

“How likely are you to recommend our products and services to your family and friends?”

I have been using NPS for years. It is an easy and effective way to gather information and trends about customer satisfaction. And you get amazing response rates. But it is difficult to understand the reasons behind the trends without deeper customer interaction.

Personally I measure customer satisfaction based on the number of downloads of my presentations, and based on number of comments on my blog. See slides 61-68 of my Balanced Scorecard presentation for details. (They are quick slides to browse trought, you see two of them on this page already.)

Today I checked the statistics for my presentations and for my blog. My 5 presentations have been viewed over 36 000 times, and downloaded over 4 000 times since last summer. That's more than I could have ever dreamed of and my customer satisfaction measure is over the top!

My blog on the other hand has received only 32 comments on 46 posts, and this is a clear area of improvement.

John's comment about NPS reminded me of some recommendations I have received from Management, Leadership and Communications professionals who have shown what is their answer on the NPS question ”How likely are you to recommend my blog to your family and friends?”

John Spence, an executive educator, professional speakers, management consultant and author, listed my site on his post Some Fantastic Resources for You. The other sites he listed are top ranking professional sites like Harvard, Wharton or Presentation Zen. I am speechless!

Cheri Baker, an HR consultant, recommended my site yesterday on her blog.

My former colleague Taina, who is currently Director of Communications, shared my previous blog post about budgeting on her facebook wall - in other words, she recommened it to her family and friends.

Thank you John, Cheri and Taina , I am really honoured by these recommendations!


Anonymous said...

Cheers Samuli!

Your blogs are something different. They are individual, professional and on the other hand great fun during these long and dark days in the North. Maybe something remarkable will soon happen? Keep up the Kaizen!

chandra said...

Thank you so much for your professional and effective help.
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