Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Really Simple Balanced Scorecard

My original idea for this blog was to document here “the best practices I have collected trough the years”. In order to “have 5 pages of text and examples of every tool and”

Enough material for 1-2 hours training and 2-3 hours workshop on each topic.

While I was writing my previous posts, I realized that I in deed enough text about Balanced Scorecard as a management system and about building a Balanced Scorecard. But I was missing the presentation.

So I created a really simple presentation about Balanced Scorecard “in order to simplify and remember it - to make them stick.” quoted from the below my logo on the right And in order to exercise presentations according to the 7th Effective Habit.

If you want to download the presentation, you need to go to my SlideShare page. ;-)

As a hand out, you can print out these posts My Management System and Building a Balanced Scorecard.

I am referring to these books in the presentation:

Made to Stick by Chip Heat and Dan Heat

Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds (whom I’ve met)

Balanced Scorecard Step-by-Step by Paul R. Niven (whom I’ve also met. And this is not the complex textbook I refer to!)

Brain Rules by John Medina

And to The Blues Brothers DVD

Now you should ask yourself:

“To achieve your vision, how will you
sustain your ability to change and improve?”


Nikhil said...

This hits the nail right on it's head. Executives today do not have the time to look in to the nuts and bolts, they want to see the very core essence at the first look. The proposal Samuli has serves this purpose with excellence.