Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Waste of Time

I found a strange article the other day about

New Zealand Book Council has made
classic book summaries
on powerpoint format

And not only powerpoint but a slideument format so you can read them at work without your boss noticing.

Why would you do that?
Because you have nothing better to do than pretend you are doing something useful?

The people who created this really must have had too little work to do and think it is funny!?

This is really counterproductive and against every work value I know! And a misuse of literature. And a misuse of powerpoint!

Even the Wall Street Journal thought it is funny!?

Unbelievable! The readers of Wall Street Journal should rather think why this is happening and how to avoid it.

And yes, I do know who would read it - the people who are not engaged to their work:

The percentage of employees who are engaged ranges from 29% in the United States to 9% in Japan and Singapore; the percentage of actively disengaged employees ranges from a low of just 6% in Thailand to a high of 31% in France.
Gallup Management Journal
New Zealand is rather average, but there are still enough disengaged people.

Scary, isn't it?

I prefer real books and will go to read some nice fiction now.

Or is it just a joke? I can not find readatwork link from New Zealand Book Council pages.


Samurai said...

It is actually an ad of the New Zealand Book Council.

But still the whole idea is counterproductive and a misuse of literature (and waste of company time)