Friday, June 20, 2008

Skills to Make You an Effective Manager

I have just returned from a Leadership training and to summarize that I decided to write about Management skills. Why? Because the trainer, Dr. Angelo Kinicki, links management and leadership tightly together

The management skills constitute a cycle of
goal creation, commitment, feedback, reward, and accomplishment,
with human interaction at every turn.

In his book Angelo points out that management is primarily about dealing effectively with people – being effective in leadership.

He lists 11 observable categories of managerial behavior, identified by Clark Wilson.

There is a bit of Curse of Knowledge in these books, but if you look close they provide really great advice, so I tried to make a Made to Stick presentation of them:

Effective Manager
  1. Clarifies goals and objectives for everyone involved.
  2. Encourages participation, upward communication and suggestions.
  3. Plans and organizes for an orderly work flow.
  4. Has technical and administrative expertise to answer organization-related questions.
  5. Facilitates work trough team building, training, coaching, and support.
  6. Provides feedback honestly and constructively.
  7. Keeps things moving by relying on schedules, deadlines, and helpful reminders.
  8. Controls details without being overbearing.
  9. Applies reasonable pressure for goal accomplishment.
  10. Empowers and delegates key duties to others while maintaining goal clarity and commitment.
  11. Recognizes good performance with rewards and positive reinforcement.
Actually, at the training, Angelo emphasized three topics
  1. Goals
  2. Feedback
  3. Rewards
You could say that the other steps are means to effectively lead and manage your team to achieve the goals.

And there are plenty of tools and techniques for each step, but that's another story. These are the important skills you need to remember to get tools and techniques for.

Simple, isn’t it?

And well in line with my Manager's Toolbox Mission and Vision