Monday, December 14, 2009


Two years ago I saw Presentation Zen guru Garr Reynolds talk about a new way of presentations. To me it was really eye opening and gave me a totally new of seeing, creating and delivering presentations.

Last summer he delivered the following keynote speach about simplicity. His earlier talk is included in my earlier post Presentation Skills

The presentation is 43 minutes long, and you can read Garr's thoughts about it in his blog. I decided to post it today, because tomorrow Garr is delivering a presentation at Apple Store Ginza.

I will be there tomorrow. Last time I saw him had such a lasting influence on me and I realized that the search for simplicity was a common topic in many books.

Simplicity has became 2nd most frequent tag in my blog. Below some examples:

Let's keep it simple!


Anonymous said...

Hi Samuli,
Very interesting and inspiring. Thinking of good "presentations", please have a look on Sir Ken Robinson in TED and FORA TV. He talks about creativity. He is a really funny guy. I especially recommend "Do schools kill creativity?"

It's been a great pleasure and fun to read your blogs. All the best for you and your family!


Samuli said...

Thanks Daddy,

The TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson is a classic. Garr Reynolds also referred to at towards the end of his presentation.

I have a link to it on my earlier post Art of Innovation from last March. At the end of the page, second last link. Just above your comment ;-)

Anonymous said...

I quess the IDEO took the leading "role" back then - I didn't pay attention on Sir KR. You seem to move couple of steps in front of me all the time - almost ;).


p.s. have you ever thought of becoming a professional consultant by yourself?

willson said...

If I were to wager a guess at why, I’d say that users don’t “browse” forms. The interaction style users engage in with forms is different, and requires its own study and design best practices.
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Santosh Sali said...

Interesting & Useful ,

Me too fan of Garr & his presentation zen ideas ,
Shall go through the video.