Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lessons Learned = Some Advice

I created this blog about 3 years ago because I realized there were quite a number of things I needed to cover in my first management position. About two years ago I started updating my blog and it has become a way for me to process the challenges I face in my job.

Now it is time to summarize the lessons learned - next week is my last week in my current position before relocating back to the head office.

Today I gave my management team a book called Awesomely Simple by my friend John Spence along with the following advice:
Please remember to
  1. Comment, follow and communicate the direction set by the head office
  2. Develop our people
  3. Ensure smooth communication locally and globally
  4. Make sure that our processes concentrate on important things
  5. Systematically manage all of the above
  6. Last, but not least, please remember that everything we do must serve our customer
It's that simple, but it's not always easy.
These points pretty much cover all the challenges I had, and all the lessons learned during the past years. What is left outside is mainly the challenge of change resistance when trying to change the way things used to be done - when trying to lead a culture change.

I did my best, I hope with these advice you can do better!